The worst night of your life…

Hotel Perdition is situated in Saint-Sébastien, in Quebec, in a huge residence which was built in the early 19th century by the village Doctor. The many incidents that occurred throughout the years have contributed to the mystery that surrounds the property. It’s history, rich in strange unexplained phenomenons have inspired us to create without a doubt… The worst night of your life

  • Lodging and breakfast for survivors…
  • Suspense and/or horror night packages
  • Memorable nightmares
  • Murder mystery nights and dinners
  • Immersive evations
  • Custom packages
  • Suspense, horror, gothic, steampunk themes and much more…
  • Weddings, parties, birthdays, etc.
Mr. David, the owner and creator of Hotel Perdition,
welcomes you as you deserve it… if you dare…


* Must be 18 years and older…

Our Rooms


Inspired by the legend and history of the “Maison Perdition”.
Haunted rooms are specially furnished for a miserable stay.
Squeaky floors, slamming doors, freezing breezes, stale mattresses, stained sheets
Our unfriendly staff members provide room service, to “our” convenience.
All our decors and reconstructions are very realistic.

Your discomfort is our specialty because the dead never complain

Room #25


Formerly Dr. Godreau’s bedroom, he would spend numerous hours studying human and animal anatomy. Curious about nature, Dr. Godreau exposes his travel souvenirs and some of his research results.

Records show complaints of scratching sounds within the walls and ceiling…

  • 1 double bed and private bathroom

Single occupancy starting at 84.99 $
Double occupancy starting at 114.99 $

Room #14


We also call this one the Doll Room. It once belonged to the housekeeper and nurse of the “Maison Godreau”. A strange woman, which everyone in the village found very suspicious, especially when her son fell from the barn window. Tales of her perverting the Doc’s young women through sorcerous teaching and secrets to longevity. Can anyone actually prove that these girls, with jarring laughters, have nothing to do with Arthur’s fall?

Strange events sometimes occur in this room, inexplicable noises, murmurs and moving objects.

  • 1 double bed and private bathroom

Single occupancy starting at  84.99 $
Double occupancy starting at 114.99 $

Room #13


Formerly the Doc’s operating room, many sick, injured and plenty of blood was shed.

Now converted into a dungeon, it has managed to keep its authentic cachet, offering the proper environment for torment, torture and other perversions that the most twisted spirits may only envy.

  • 1 or 2 single beds (even if we rarely come to actually sleep) and private bathroom

Single occupancy starting at 84.99 $
Double occupancy starting at 114.99 $

Room #26


This dorm was used to lodge patients in severe states or with sicknesses so bad they couldn’t bring home with them. This room was also formerly used to lodge teachers from the neighbouring school.

Today, the dorm has recovered it’s historic cachet and can accommodate up to 7 people.

  • 6 single beds (3 bunk beds), 1 single bed and private bathroom

Single occupancy starting at 66.99 $
Additional occupancy starting at 39.99 $

Additional Information

[  Check in at 4:30 pm and check out for 10:30 am.  ]

Parking is free and is situated at the back of the hotel.

All overnight packages or more include breakfast (unless specified otherwise), free access to cinematheque as well as the possibility of an additional overnight stay for 60 $ per night for single occupancy and 80 $ per night for double occupancy in off-season (upon reservation and availability).

Lodging taxes of 3.5% are applicable to all base prices.

All base prices are fixed for off-season and will be marked up during high-season, such as: summer, statutory holidays, holidays and PED days.

All our prices are in canadian currency (CAD). We also accept US dollars (USD) and Euros.

Accepted payment options are: cash, VISA, bank transfers, an arm and/or a leg, kidneys or your soul…

All our prices are subject to modifications without prior notice.

Our packages and our rooms are available only through reservation and according to vacancy.

Download general terms and conditions.

* Must be 18 years and older…



Our packages are inspired by true events and stories of the “Maison Perdition” which became well known whispering legends.
Everything has been put together to maximize the intensity of your unforgettable experience through real-time nightmarish sensations, for horror movie buffs and paranormal activity enthusiasts who enjoy the risk.

The Terror Flic Night


Guaranteed cold sweats for horror film buffs constantly looking for the equivalent of their first-time horror flic chills and thrills. After choosing your favorite movies amongst our film collection, you will be locked up, alone, in your room with only the TV glare as your only light source… no distractions whatsoever, unless…

Included :

  • 1 thematic room with a single or double bed with private bathroom

Single occupancy starting at 66.00 $
Double occupancy starting at 93.00 $

 * Only with reservation, according to availability.

Freeze to Death Night


The freezing experience of spending the night in one of our infamous thematic rooms while witnessing strange phenomenons. Nothing that will keep you from sleeping, but maybe a few sudden wake-ups, jumps and teeth grinding episodes. Prepare for cold-sweats.

Included :

  • 1 thematic room with a double bed and private bathroom
  • Breakfast included

Starting at 129.99$ for double occupancy

 * Only with reservation, according to availability.

Nightmare Night


For the brave ones, a voyage to the heart of your most obscure dreams. How can you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not when you’re to afraid to close your eyes?

What hides in the shadows thrives in darkness.

Included :

  • 1 thematic room with single or double occupancy and private bathroom
  • Spiritism and sorcery
  • Appearances, ghosts and more (nocturnal animation)
  • Breakfast for survivors…

Starting at 229$ for double occupancy

 * Only with reservation, according to availability.
** Light-weights, epileptics, pregnant women and heart disorders please abstain.

Deadly Night


The owner and creator of Hotel Perdition, M. David, welcomes you to his table for a mouth drooling four course meal which will make you tense beyond limit… You will discover many secrets which reside in this damned house and have the opportunity to be in contact with lost spirits which haunt the place. This night will be anything but relaxing because death awaits you.

Included :

  • 1 thematic room with single or double occupancy and private bathroom
  • A four course meal with entertainment
  • Incidents, accidents and strange phenomenons (all-night entertainment till dawn)
  • Breakfast for survivors…

Starting at 195.99$ for double occupancy

 * Only with reservation, according to availability.

Infernal Night


No one ever came back from it…

Immersive Evasion Games


It is very immersive here, you are caught up in the middle of it all here. An extremely immersive experience inspired by the scariest horror films. Unable to move, in the dark, cries of agony will bring your make you feel like a prisoner in a strange place and, those who locked you up will be back soon for more…

Only enigmas and discovering secrets will set you free.

For 2 to 3 people, 49 minutes to escape from this damned place,
otherwise you’re stuck forever
… 30$ per person

* Only with reservation.

Murder Mystery


The game, if it even is one, starts off with a cocktail served in the Big red living room. While the server makes his rounds, you will learn about your role as well as the other participant’s. At this moment the host walks into the scene with the wicked pleasure of divulging certain information. Will you share these or secretly keep them to yourself?

The Doctor’s Testament

The story is overflowing with unsolved mysteries and the Hotel Perdition makes no exception

On December 8th 1959, while the death of Dr. Auguste-Édouard-Ferdinand Godreau was reported, very few questions were asked and even less answers were given. What was the true cause of his death? And more importantly, why were his daughters Berthe and Georgette disinherited to the profit of an unknown individual, Dr. Joseph Campbell? They mystery thickens as you read through Dr. Campbell’s testament, who also died in weird and unexplained circumstances on November 1st 2013.

Be on time and sharp because only quick witted observers will, maybe, solve these shady enigmas and, I wish you, to avoid the booby traps hidden with the heart of the Hotel Perdition.

Because you are invited to a Murder Mystery night…



Whether it is for the maleficence of a vampire ball to celebrate the anniversary of your loved one or a memorable SteamPunk or medieval thematic for your marriage.

You can organize an customized group event according to your imagination, whatever the theme; futuristic, gothic or even western.

Rent the complete hotel for a family reunion or simply for a friendly reunion in an original ambiance with possibility of including our catering services, animation, decors, costumes and accessories…

We can also create a customized package according to your choice of themes, desired ambiance and level of insistence. If you like, we can also create and add characters such as a fortune teller, magician, paranormal detective, or even worse… zombies, etc.

It is even possible to enact and live out a chosen suspense or horror movie in real time.


Contact and reservations

For additional information, pricing and reservations



601 rue principale St-Sébastien (Qc)  J0J 2C0
(50 minutes from Montreal at the very end of highway 35)

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